The Springys training concept is a fusion of Pilates principles, strength & conditioning fundamentals. The Springys apparatus is an extremely versatile piece of equipment & can be used in any stage of training.

The Springys apparatus is used for Private, Semi-Private pilates sessions & in the group fitness context during Springys classes.

Exercise Physiology

We believe in proactive health management. We prefer where possible to prevent the many injuries, ailments and afflictions that many of us face in modern times before we find ourselves in the chronic stage.

Prolonged bouts of sitting at a desk, too much couch time, a car accident or a sporting injury can all lead to ongoing issues.

Clinical Pilates

We focus on your individual or rehabilitation needs with personally tailored sessions or workouts to suit your body and your goals.


We are still open for business; fitness and well-being is more important now than ever before and staying at home can limit your exercise opportunities day to day. Our Telehealth online model allows quality instruction and in the moment feedback on technique. Our exercise prescription is completely adaptive to each clients home setup: from no [...]

Personal Training

One of our exercise scientists will assess your health and fitness needs in context to your goals whilst factoring in your exercise preference and background.

From the assessment, we will identify your profile of needs and provide solution oriented recommendations of best course of action to assist you to reach your goals.

Other Training and Services

Remedial massage
Remedial massage is used to locate and repair damaged areas of the body and speed up the body’s own healing processes.

Myotherapy is the evidence-based assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

Teen Prehab

Promote fitness to enhance self-confidence SPRINGYS PREHAB is catered to each individual’s needs and goals and aim to test oneself physically and mentally. Achieving personalised goals and overcoming challenges in one’s own time helps build confidence levels, harnessing self-efficacy bypassing competitive mindset. Increase Mental Readiness SPRINGYS challenges both strength and stability demanding an integrated mind [...]

Athlete Prehab

The Springys Player Performance Program has been devised with young athletes (10 to 19 years) in mind, the program is for athletes who want to gain an edge on the competition by providing unique benefits to players’ core strength leading to increased postural awareness, flexibility, stability, mindfulness and cardiovascular conditioning.

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