Our Services

Clinical Pilates Services

Initial assessment; ($95)

– One of our expert Pilates instructors will assess your posture & your related individual needs in context to your goals and any relevant health parameters whilst factoring in your exercise preference and background.

– During this session, we will introduce you to the art & science of Pilates and its fundamentals in practice.

– From the assessment, we will identify your profile of needs and provide solution oriented recommendations of best course of action to assist you to reach your goals.

– This session is an hour in duration.

Private Pilates Sessions –

– Are an application of clinical Pilates principles and practices.

– We focus on your individual or rehabilitation needs with personally tailored sessions or workouts to suit your body and your goals.

– Private sessions are either 1:1 or 2:1 and 30 or 60 minute duration and allow for flexible / variable timetabling at times most convenient to you.

1:1 (1hr) – $80 10pk – $750
1:1 (30mins) – $55 10 pk – $500
2:1 (1hr) – $55pp 10 pk – $500
2:1 (30min) – $35pp 10pk – $300

NOTE – 10 pack purchases must be paid for up front to be eligible for the discount. 10 pack purchases must be used in 12 weeks to avoid expiration.

Semi Private –

– Sessions maintain a clinical framework via pre screening and an established individual needs analysis.

– Sessions are progressed according to each individuals respective rate of progress.

– Semi private sessions are in a shared supervision format directed by one of our expert Pilates instructors.

– Enjoy the benefit of your own personally tailored Clinical workout whilst feeding off a small group setting at a more affordable cost.

– Maximum number per class = 4 clients per instructor $45 pay as you go / $400 if commit to a block of 10 over 12 week turn around.

Group Pilates –

– Enjoy a challenging reformer based Pilates workout in a small group setting (maximum of 4 participants per class).

– All participants have a full set of equipment including a reformer bed

– Group Pilates classes enable you to push your physical boundaries in a safe, clinical setting.

Term rate = $250 for 10 weeks @ x1 / wk
$500 for 10 weeks @ x2 / wk
$700 for 10 weeks @ x3 / wk

Casual rate = $30 / class; limited availability as space priority is given to term participants.

Intra term rate = $25 for existing clients
$30 for new or casual attendants

NOTE – Please note, term sessions cannot be carried over into intra term period or the following term. All sessions not used within the term will expire at the end of the term.

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