Eleven years ago the journey began
It was Hard, a struggle but I had a desire
Battling my mind to stay committed
Support, encouragement and expertise kept me going
Boxing, group training, city to surf
A sense of achievement
Climbing the pyramid, unified becomes part of my life
I strive and am encouraged by the result
Pilates is always part of my reality
A long-term Pilates partner
And my exercise life is complete
Results come as I stand and deliver
Still striving for my ultimate fitness goal
This is what I do
And every Saturday I come to my own place of Nirvana
And achievement
And I am happy
Unified Fitness is my happy place
And they continue to push me to achieve more
I am thankful for this place that means a lot to me
And I love it and it has loved me
I am happy there.

– Kathy Lane


I came across Unified Fitness only by chance while visiting a store a couple of doors up. The first thing I noticed on the sign out the front was “connecting the mind and body” which struck a chord with me and seemed to be just what I was looking for.

After the birth of my daughter back in 2009, I had a very tough time battling Post Natal Depression and weight gain as a result. By the time my daughter turned 5 years old, I was well over 65kg, lost all my confidence and feeling constantly tired, unwell and very ugly. The Post Natal Depression had gone, but my body and mind were in a bad way.

I know it sounds cliche, however, my life changed for the better the day I came across that sign out the front of Unified Fitness. The staff at Unified Fitness spent time assessing and talking to me about my health and fitness goals. As a first timer at Pilates, I was a little unsure, and they were very thorough in making certain I understood the basics through one on one sessions prior to attending group Pilates.

The Pilates paved the way for my personal training sessions at Unified Fitness, that I now attend twice a week. I have also joined the Unified Fitness running squad on Saturday mornings which is an amazing achievement for me, given I have never run before and am now averaging 7-8 km of interval training a session!

Since attending both Pilates and Personal Training sessions at Unified Fitness my general fitness has improved dramatically and not only have I lost 6 kg since late April, I am feeling a lot more confident in my appearance, less fatigued and actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my life. In fact, I even manage to squeeze a sneaky 500m swim in on a Sunday while my daughter has her swimming lesson!

A special thank you to Martine and Lynsey for getting me kick-started on this crazy journey and for your continued support and confidence in my ability to reach my goals. Also, thank you to Nikki for helping me push myself that little bit further!

– Tracy Goudsblom


I’m really excited about what you can offer me at Unified Fitness. I like the proximity to home, the friendly trainers, the small gym community feel and the quality and focus you all have in encouraging the best out of your clients.

So I’m really looking forward to more involvement as my time and fitness permits.

– Anni Turnbull


Thanks to Unified Fitness I have just completed my first fun run in about 20 years – the Sydney City2Surf – and I’m feeling my fittest for many years. About six months ago, a friend suggested I might like to join the Unified Fitness Running Group. While I had been running about twice a week, the Running Group on Saturday was great for extra motivation and running development (with a very friendly group of people). It gave me the confidence and fitness to tackle the City2Surf run. Complementing the running group, I have benefited greatly from Pilates. In an amazingly short time, a couple of Pilates sessions a week has addressed the aches and pains in my knees and hamstrings that were threatening to derail my running. I have now signed up for another running event, and am enjoying being part of the Unified Fitness “family”.

– Kathryn McAnalley


Our lives were seemingly out of control! Having to contend with the pressures of demanding full-time careers whilst trying to maintain and enjoy quality time with family, friends and each other let alone the daily demands of cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and the dog – well, it all just got too much! Balance? What balance? Every second of the day was accounted for collapsing into a heap every night. Our decision to engage with the team at Unified Fitness wasn’t just about trying to fit in exercise, it was about creating some much-needed space to prioritise our overall health and well being. Being physically fit to cope with life’s challenges is important but so too is a healthy positive mindset. Our twice weekly training sessions are ‘business as usual’ now. My husband and I are fitter, healthier and stronger both physically and mentally to cope with the demands of everyday living. Martine and the Unified Fitness Team have provided us with the environment and structure we desperately needed as well as a lot of fun and laughs along the way! Life is still pretty frantic but we tackle it with new found strength, energy and enthusiasm – thank you!

– Danielle Scotis


Hats off to the Unified Fitness team who, over a year ago, provided a safe, friendly, non-threatening environment for this long-term exercise-o-phobic to start exercising. Middle Aged (with more than a little of the accompanying “spread”) and lacking any real fitness or strength, I embarked on a journey involving weekly Pilates and Group Training classes. I never imagined I would feel comfortable in a studio gym, but thanks to Martz, Lynsey, Jess and others, I truly feel at home at 201 McKinnon Road! I commend the team on how easily they can adapt to the wide variety of people, bodies, fitness levels and attitudes that make up their client base. A year on, I am still Middle Aged, I’ve still got the spread……..but I am stronger, fitter, and happier with myself for now having exercise as a part of my weekly routine. I am proof that everyone finds their place at Unified!

– Margaret Turner


I have been participating in group and one on one Pilates at Unified Fitness for just on one year. I started as I was experiencing lower back pain and general soreness as a result of my manual work in garden maintenance. By doing Pilates twice a week, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall strength, posture when lifting, and general fitness. Martz & the team have tailored the program to meet my needs and improving strength. The team at Unified Fitness is very knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive.

– Matt Hunt


I hate exercise, unified has changed that. The Pilates sessions have been great for body mind and soul. I’m going to start some cardio huffy puffy sessions next week which I’m really excited about.

– Emma


After years of a faithful commitment to my gym, it took Martine and her team at Unified Fitness to bring me around to the realization that my relationship was very one-sided.

The personal and intimate classes at Unified have made me more aware of my body than the endless pump, spin and boxing classes I have sweated through over the past 25 years. That is not to say that I have not enjoyed them at various stages, however, I am now aware that not all group classes provide the relevant guidance and information needed for a successful “fitness” life, especially as we age and bad habits become set.

12 months in and I feel as strong as ever but without the legacy of injuries, pain and stiffness.

– Ginger Munro

Exercise was never my thing. Though I did Little Athletics as a kid and Cross Country running in my teens I never enjoyed it. After I finished Year 12 in 2005 I decided that sport was no longer a thing that I needed to do and stopped. Six years later it became a decision I would regret as I gained a significant amount of weight, my health deteriorated and my asthma progressed from chronic to life-threatening. After a stay in hospital and various trips to many doctors, I decided I needed to do something.

By chance, Unified Fitness had opened in Patterson Road and I asked for a 12-week voucher as a Christmas present. Since starting there two years ago I’ve gone from just doing general fitness classes to pilates and 1 on 1 training. My health is close to what it was six years ago and I now enjoy exercise.

Thank you to all the trainers at Unified Fitness past and present for helping me along my journey back to good health.

– Lachlan Williams


Exercise Physiology Success Stories

“I love the approach to all sessions at unified fitness. The variations at this place are awesome and mixed with the confident and friendly trainers, it’s definitely the perfect environment to happily develop! I particularly like the Springys class – I was so lucky to be a part of the launch process on this and would most certainly recommend to all!”

– Olivia Junkeer

“Amazing gym with highly knowledgeable trainers who care for their clients. I’ve been a member for over 4 years now and with their help/support, they have got me in the best health. I’m constantly recommending Unified Fitness to friends and they have never been disappointed!!”

– Meghan O’Sullivan

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